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Saturday, October 9th 9am-5pm &
Sunday, October 10th Noon-5pm, 2021

Join us for the seventeenth Artisans Road Trip! Held annually in October, A.R.T. is a free, self-guided studio and gallery tour that spans from Lake View (IA) to Alpha (MN) (with plenty to see in between), highlighting the work of local artists in a variety of mediums.

*** Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 Artisans Road Trip has been postponed to 2021. Please keep your 2020 brochures as many of the the artists, locations, and other information included in the brochures will stay the same! ***


The "About" page tells a little bit more about our group, and what the goal of A.R.T. is.

The "Gallery" has a list of current A.R.T. artists, with links to their individual pages.

The "Maps" page is just that - maps that show where each artist will be during A.R.T. weekend.

"Exhibits" has information about the various A.R.T. group exhibitions with regional galleries.

The "Sponsors" page has a list of our generous sponsors, who help make A.R.T. happen.

"Media" has images and other resources for articles or other press.

The "Prospectus" is a downloadable .PDF of the application for artists to become members of A.R.T.