Rocking M Pottery

Functional and Decorative Brownstone Clay.

Showing at:
Rocking M Pottery
4254 55th Avenue
Linn Grove, IA 51033

Handicap accessible: Yes

Directions: Approximately 4 miles from Linn Grove or Peterson on Hwy-10. From Linn Grove, going W. on Hwy-10, turn left, S. on gravel at 140th Ave., (from Peterson, going E. on Hwy-10 turn right, S.) onto 505th St. then, stay to right, traveling onto 145th/55th Ave. The road runs parallel to the Little Sioux River. Lane is to the left. Look for an American flag at the top of the lane (ridge) and Rocking M sign at the bottom.

Year Round Contact:
By appointment only

712 299-5248

To learn more:

"Polyporus Giganteus"

"Lidded Extreme"