Mary Mello

Figurative works - paintings, prints and drawings

Studio at:
410 Grand Avenue
Spencer, IA 51301
712 580-4255(home)
712 346-8370 (cell)
712-749-2143 (work)

Handicap accessible - no

Directions: Studio is located on the second floor above the Brand Lee’s Hallmark Store, next door to the Arts on Grand in Spencer.

Year Round Contact:Contact for an appointment.

My figures are imperfect, like the people they represent. Human. They are people caught in ordinary moments that are worth a second look; often revealing extraordinary qualities.

Human traits are revealed in the treatment of the surface, like a skin that scars and yet forgives. With a background in printmaking, I approach the support as if it were a life-sized printing plate. The artwork is incised, scraped, burnished, built up with blocks of pigment and wax; drawn on; erased; layered and layered again. Wax, damar varnish, and graphite are used to create a shifting light that changes your perception while moving around the painting. It is this interaction with the textured surfaces and characters in the paintings that is most satisfying.

"Z Drawingl"

Artist No. 21

"Figure Pointing"

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