Self-Guided Open Studio Tour

Saturday, October 9th from 9am to 5pm

and Sunday, October 10th from Noon to 5pm


To promote a venue for established artisans to demonstrate their skills, exhibit and sell their original fine art via a self-guided studio tour through scenic Northwest Iowa, thereby encouraging education, diversity, tourism, economic growth and art appreciation.


Professional artists will welcome guests into their studios to discover and purchase quality original works during the annual Artisans Road Trip (A.R.T.) during the first weekend in October. The free tour will includes many midwestern artists, representing many counties in Iowa and Minnesota.

A.R.T. invites you to travel scenic byways and back roads looking for one-of-a-kind art treasures. Artisans will offer a rare glimpse into creative processes as they demonstrate their craft in personal and unique workspaces.

Brochures are available at local art centers, banks, libraries, community gathering centers, Welcome Centers and artist locations.


A.R.T. is a free self-driving open studio tour.

A.R.T. offers a printed brochure with detailed directions to artist’s studios.

A.R.T. maintains a comprehensive website showcasing involved artists and provides links to individual sites, as well as a regularly updated blog.

A.R.T. organizes studios and host locations into 4 area tours.

A.R.T. is organized and run by “Artists working for Artists.”

A.R.T. works to advance Northwest Iowa Art, educating and helping to develop local markets and tourism.


A.R.T. Board Members

William Lieb (Treasurer) - 712 336-4410 -

Joleen Dentlinger 712 732-6286 -

Barb McGee 712 295-6315 -

Joanne Alberda 712 722-0372 -

Beth Cathcart - 712 299-5248 -

Danielle Clouse-Gast - 712 260-3098 -

Haley McAndrews 320 237-7351 -

Jane Lieb 712 330-8004 -

David Strom 507 831-3598 -

“Explore NW Iowa A.R.T. in out-of-the-way-places!”

Artisans Road Trip • Box 646, Spirit Lake, IA 51360